Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tetra Ninja's Youtube Account is Back YAY!


Ok I have a Wii and Nintendo tends to release "family friendly" games.  Now I don't always like their games I like a good level of violence and stealth and strategy in the games I play.  Xbox and Play Station have a plethora of those kinds of games alas I dont have either game console sooo I watch other people play the games on Youtube and Tetra Ninja is my number one go to guy for the games I want to play but can't.  From the title you know that something happened to his Youtube account, a Hacker got to it and messed everything up and it seemed like his lively hood was pretty much over but lucky with the help of youtube reps he was able to regain control of his channel.  Im happy. He's Happy.  The hacker is an ass but hey Nic has his channel back and he can continue supporting himself and the people he loves by entertaining his large audience with many many many videos.



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