Wednesday, September 22, 2010

American Idol Exclusive

Today the New arrangment of the judge's panel for American Idol was released.

Ok we all know Randy that's nothing new at all so onto the next lol.   Next Steven Tyler of the legendary band Aerosmith is joining the panel.  Um....Yeeeeeeeeeeea.  I dont know what or how to feel about this lol.  Aside from is eccentric look i've never heard his critique of other artist but considering he is a legend in his craft his advice should be worth hearing.  Now the female of the group.  Known by many names.  Jennifer Lopez, J Lo, J Hoe, Bennifer, Jenny for the Block, call her what you may but you cant deny the fact that this chick knows how to brand herself and weave her music into any and everything she does.  Seriously she married Marc Anthony another successful musician and actor.  J Lo does act prissy at times but i know she'll be bringin some of her boricua hood style to the panel so this should be an interesting group dynamic.



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