Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Music Video: Dawn Richard "Wild N Faith" (Dance Version)

I don't know why people hate on Dawn so much.  I've loved dawn from her Dawn Angelique days, to Danity Kane where in my opinion she was the creative talent and voice, to Dirty Money where she became a better writer with a firm view on what her individual sound is, and now weeks away from her official release of her album Goldenheart.  I am a Heart and i looove Dawn.  With that said Today Dawn has released a Dance Version of her AWESOME music video Wild N' Faith.  She always dances her ass off but seeing a full dance video was very cool.  I love that with the freedom of her independent status she does waaaaaaaaaaay more than signed artists ever do and that is a testament to her work ethic.. Dawn is always on the grind and that's a great thing for the people that admire and look up to her to see.

Goldenheart available October 16, 2012



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