Monday, June 27, 2011

My upcoming spring break staycation

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Guest post written by Kim Simmons

Last year I went to Cancun with a couple of my friends for spring break and after those few days I think that I needed another break to recover. But I had to go back to school and that was tough because that break was just downright exhausting. Well, this year I actually want a break from the stress of life and school. So I'm just going to stay at home with my parents.
Two years ago I also did a staycation, but that was more so because I simply didn't have any plans. Well, I've been coming up with some books I can read during my staycation this year and while I was online looking that up, I found some sounded so great that I signed up for one of them for my apartment's internet service.
I'm really looking forward to my spring break staycation. It's going to be nice to just sleep in and read and watch tv for the whole week with no specific plans.



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