Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Keri Meets Lauryn (Epic Fail)

NO TEA NO SHADE but these look a HOT ASS MESS.  Lets start with "Miss Keri Baby".  Sweetie your hair looks bleached to hell.  You make up looks over done and yet you look pale as all hell.  I dont understand, maybe its the lighting but something is definitely off. 
Mis Lauryn Hill...Ok after the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill album came out Lauryn looked damn good.  These 10 /12 however many years have not done her any good, she looks weathered.  AM I WRONG???  and to guild the tragic tranny lily.  Lauryn you did your own make up didnt you.  You look like a hobo clown. No shade. IT IS WHAT IT IS.  GURL!!!!!!! 
Anyway these too have both had their recent buzzes in the media world.
Keri loved the song but that video was slutty as all hell point blank period.
Luaryn know shes wrong for showin up at her own concert 4 hours late, clearly someone souped her up during her hiatus to make her feel as though she has "DIVA STATUS".

Lets get it together ladies.

Any Comments??? Lets have a dialouge.




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