Saturday, October 09, 2010


ShaSha Jones aka Shaunice Jones is a TERRIFIC singer I found a while ago while on Youtube.  I can boast about how great her voice is, how sensual and full of soul she is.  I Could also say that her vocal acrobatics give me the feeling that i felt the first time I ever heard the Legendary BRANDY NORWOOD.  SHA SHA is on her way to becoming a big star and I for one can not wait to see her name in lights.
With that said the Oaklahoma naitive is releasing her FIRST MIXTAPE and is in the process of working on her much anticipated freshman album.


Trel: So Let's Jump into this, when can we expect your mixtape to come out?
Sha Sha:  Well the mixtape is coming out on the 15th of this month:-)
Trel:  OCTOBER 15th Ya'll.  So Sha Sha what's the title?
Sha Sha:  ENGAGED!
Trel:  Cool, Cool, why Engaged?  Does that word hold any significance for you?
Sha Sha:  I titled it ENGAGED because I feel that music and I fell into a deep love as soon as I opened my mouth. This mixtape shows the different sides of me and how creative I like for my music to be.
Trel:  Nice.  It sounds like music is truly your passion, can you tell me anything else about it?
Sha Sha:  Sorry I can't talk a whole lot  about it lol but our marriage will be considered my signing an artist deal.  But we won't get into all that.
Trel:  Lol ok, but you know I have to ask, have you gotten your foot in the door of any labels???
Sha Sha:  I'm working with A few people from ... and ... and other labels. I don't know if they want me to put them out right now. But I'm going for the platinum man!!
Trel:  I hear ya Sha Sha.  So I know you're a busy woman do you have any final words for the readers?
Sha Sha:  Lol I'm working on the acting side as well as writing and artistry :-)
Trel:  Cool the song you did with Mike Kalombo "Dear____" was awesome.  I even recorded my own version of it lol.
Sha Sha:  Really??? I LOVE TO HEAR THAT!!!
Trel:  Anything else?
Sha Sha:  Yes, I've been very busy so I really hope people enjoy this mixtape because I had to go an extra mile of hardwork to do it :-) n thats it :-)

Well people that is it people I hope you loved that interview and make sure you get Sha Sha Jones's mixtape ENGAGED when it comes out October 15, 2010.

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  1. Loved ur sound from second one. Break a leg Sha Sha! The future is bright ...